Welcome to This Less Strict Version of WikipediaEdit

Welcome to the wiki. I, HannieMontannie, don't like Wikipedia. I used to be a user there, and they were so strict. So, this Wiki is like Wikipedia (it's an online encyclopedia everyone can edit), except the admin here is less mean, and there aren't as many rules. But, however, there are some rules--and if you fail to follow them, you will get banned.


  • Rules: I know that this doesn't have as many rules as Wikipedia, but it does have rules. Read these, and you won't get banned. Speaking of which...
  • Banning policy: As an experienced user on Wikipedia and Wikia, I know that you can get banned for doing things you didn't even know were against the rules.
  • Article policy: I also know that you can't get away with a cruddy article. This policy is to help you be a good writer, and to not get your article(s) deleted.
  • If you need help on anything else, talk to me here.

Did you know...Edit

  • can edit this page? Just don't vandalize it, or you'll get banned.
  • episode of Hannah Montana was taken off the air? (Hannah Montana)
  • ...Iceland has a small population? (Iceland)