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You can get banned for abusing the rules. Here are some of the ways you can get banned.

Reasons to Get Banned


Please! Vandals are an admin's nightmare. They just can't take them. When you revert their edits, it just makes them angrier, so they keep doing it. The only way to stop them is to ban them. So, don't vandalize. PLEASE.

  • Length of ban: Depends on how bad the vandalism is.


Don't advertise your websites, Youtube channel, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. It's positively annoying. And there's no point to it, because it'll get reverted before anyone sees it. Plus, according to a survey I recently saw, it's the number-one thing people are annoyed by on message boards. So don't, okay?

  • Length of ban: Three days, EXCEPT if it's on your own userpage. Then you won't get banned at all.


Flaming is just mean. Not only does it hurt people's feelings, but it'll get you banned. And you'll be banned longer if you flame me.

  • Length of ban: You'll be banned for two weeks if you flame a normal user. You'll be banned for three months if you insult me, because this Wiki owes its existence to me.

Posting inappropriate things

This is for all ages, and kids might end up seeing what you write and the pictures--and if it's inappropriate, that's definitely not good.

  • Length of ban: If it's inappropriate text, but it's educational, you'll be banned for a week. If it's inappropriate text and it's not educational, you'll be banned for six months. If it's an inappropriate image, you'll be banned for a year.


According to the Wikia rules (for ALL Wikis), everyone can only have one account. I used to make sockpuppet accounts, and the reason why was because I couldn't stand being banned, and l wanted to go back to Wikia. So, I did. But I got banned, because the admins found out it was me. And I can find out if you've made sockpuppet accounts. You are not allowed on this Wiki if you get banned. Period.

  • Length of ban: Forever, except for one case. Read below to find out what the "case" is.

Inappropriate username

It's like posting inappropriate content--kids will see it. And it's just gross and disturbing. Plus, nobody will take you seriously.

  • Lenth of ban: Forever, but you're allowed to make another account with an appropriate username.

Repeated offenses

This is the worst. I mean, you get out of being banned, and you think you're free, but you do something bad....AGAIN. I do not tolerate people who do this.

  • Length of ban: If you vandalize after getting unbanned, I'll make the ban even longer. And when I can't take it anymore, I'll ban you forever.

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