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This Wiki was designed to be like Wikipedia--except with less rules. However, this does not mean that there are no rules. It means that there are less rules.


  1. Be polite. Don't say things like, "OMG THIS ARTICLE IS TERRIBLE!!!!" because once someone said something like that to me, and it hurt my feelings. Plus, this is a community website, not a flaming intervention.
  2. Read all the other policies. I've been banned before, and my pages have been deleted before--and I know that it hurts. Unless you wanna get hurt, read the policies.
  3. No swearing. Unlike Wikipedia, this is swear-word free. Kids might be going on here, you know.
  4. Don't make hoaxes. Like Wikipedia, this does NOT tolerate hoaxes. Everything you type must be true.
  5. This is not Uncyclopedia. This website is serious. It shouldn't be a place for humor.
  6. Add images. All articles must contain images. If it doesn't have an image, then it has a chance of being deleted. But if the writing is really good, then it might not be deleted.
    1. Make sure that the image is somewhat related to the article.
  7. Contribute to the website. This must be the most obvious rule. This Wiki must grow until it's as large as Wikipedia, which might take a long time. But I'm alright. ♥ 

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